A Brief Introduction to Projection Mapping

by AV2GO

December 4, 2019 | 4:46 am

ProjectorCompanies specializing in audiovisual in Houston, TX, are in high demand, and for good reason. Professionals who provide audiovisual services can make a huge difference for organizers who want to see success with their events. After all, audiovisual is a huge aspect of any event, and it pays to invest in the experts with experience. What’s even better is that the leading audiovisual company in your area can provide projection mapping for your event. This form of video projection can add a new dimension to your presentation and make for a truly memorable event. It’s difficult to deny how dazzling and dynamic projection mapping is, especially when it’s put together by experts in the field. Here’s the basics of projection mapping available from audiovisual rental companies, which you should keep in mind when planning your next event.

What Is Projection Mapping?

Essentially, projection mapping is the process of turning objects into a surface for video projection. Projection mapping falls into the same category as spatial augmented reality and video mapping. Audiovisual companies may use buildings, stages, or other objects to achieve projection mapping, which is more interactive than traditional projection. Although projection mapping has been around for several decades, it used to be rather expensive, so it was relatively unknown. Now with all of the technological advancements of the twenty-first century, projection mapping is becoming more popular and more realistic for many event planners. Now, event organizers can expect to grab the attention of their audience through amazing projection mapping.

Why Do Viewers Like Projection Mapping?

In the world of event planning, it’s so important to think about your audience and what they want to get out of the event. What would they enjoy seeing, and what would surprise them? These are just some of the questions you need to ask when putting all the pieces in place for the audiovisual elements of your event. People are excited by projection mapping because it’s something different and something unexpected. Chances are your audience members have been to many events in the past, but you want to make yours stand out. You can do that with projection mapping, as it will shock your audience in the best way possible. When you use projection mapping, your audience will be left hanging on the edge of their seats, wondering what’s coming next.

When Should You Choose Projection Mapping?

Attentive audienceThe short answer to this question is all the time! Deciding to incorporate projection mapping is fairly simple if you have the best audiovisual company on deck for your big event. These technical experts will be able to get professional projection mapping up and running rather quickly, but of course the longer they have to plan, the better. You can count on your audiovisual company to have everything in place to make sure your projection mapping is a huge hit with everyone attending your event. If you know you want to make an impact with your audience and you want to ensure they always remember your event, then you know it’s time to venture down the path of projection mapping. It’s incredible what audiovisual companies can do with 3D technology, software, and screens, which bring your presentation to life.

If you’re ready to make your event the best it can be with projection mapping, contact the trusted audiovisual experts at AV2GO today to get started!

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