LCD Walls vs. LED Walls

by AV2GO

March 20, 2020 | 12:00 am

Depending upon the occasion, audiovisual services in Houston, TX, can be absolutely necessary or simply nice to have. Large events or important presentations often demand stellar audiovisual equipment. Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression. To some degree, this requires technology and visual appeal. You may have already considered renting a video wall to be part of your next event. Both LCD and LED walls have their benefits, but the decision comes down to your specific needs.

Audiovisual WallVideos Walls

You’ve seen video walls before. Malls and concerts use video walls. Previously, they were incredibly expensive. As technology has improved and prices have become more competitive, video walls have gotten more affordable, lighter, and easier to assemble. The software has also developed, so there’s simply more you can do with them.

As video walls have grown more accessible, they’ve become more popular and easier to implement. Conferences, galas, and other events have found it worthwhile to use video walls for their audiences. A video wall is a great way to demonstrate that your company has arrived and should be taken seriously. The general rule is that a bigger video wall is more impressive. This may seem a bit simplistic, but it’s generally true. Of course, the size of the venue and the cost are both factors to consider.


Today, everyone is familiar with LCD screens. You’re probably reading one right now. LCD screens are on laptops and cell phones. As a rule, LCD walls are less expensive than LEDs, but there are some limitations. A temporary LCD wall usually is no larger than 5-by-5. That’s 5 LCD screens across the bottom and a height of 5 screens as well. This means a total of 25 LCD screens would be included. Compared to LED walls, this is conservative. LED walls can stack hundreds of screens together. For a smaller venue, the LCD does offer a more cost-effective option. However, larger displays may only be possible with an LED wall.

While LCD video walls do have limitations, they have advantages as well. LCD screens are basically monitors, so it’s often easier to create content for them and customize your presentations. The small bezels are a nice bonus, and the image tends to be clear and crisp, especially from a closer position. If image clarity and visibility are required, LCD is probably the way to go.

LED Screen at Conference LED

LED walls should be viewed from a distance to get the full picture and to preserve the image quality. Fortunately, LED video walls can be waterproof, so they’re great for outdoor events. This is one of their major advantages compared to LCD walls. LCD video walls aren’t waterproof and should only be used indoors. However, LED walls do take longer to prepare. Allow at least a few days for larger walls.

Brightness is another big bonus. LED walls can be incredibly bright, which allows them to be seen from a great distance. This is one of the reasons they’re favored for concerts. Even people in the back row can see the LED video wall quite well. An LED wall also tends to use less electricity, but this is something to consider carefully. Your LED wall could consist of hundreds of smaller screens, which will still demand an awful lot of power. Your provider can tell you what the video wall requires, but the venue has to be able to accommodate it.

The best audiovisual companies in Houston, TX, can help you put on a great event. Contact AV2GO at 713-932-9779 for assistance.

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