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Lighting Equipment

Welcome to AV2GO, your premier destination for Houston lighting equipment rental! Elevate your event with our dynamic lighting solutions, designed to transform your stage and entire room into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. From stage lighting and wash lights to LED color lights and intelligent/moving lights, we have the cutting-edge equipment to bring your vision to life. Our color drapes add an extra layer of sophistication, ensuring your event stands out with a captivating ambiance.

Available Equipment

4 – 48 Channel Lighting Control Board
For small to larger productions, our control boards offer expanded capabilities, allowing you to create intricate lighting designs for stagnate and/or moving lighting effects.

Intelligent Moving Light
Design and create some dazzling lights to watch. The room is transformed into an eye pleasing and emotional place. Perfect for a concert, fashion show, gala, rally & more.

LED Lights
Embrace the energy-efficient brilliance of LED lights, offering a spectrum of colors and dynamic lighting effects for a captivating display. Change the color of your venue to match your theme. Beautifully illuminate the walls and/or ceiling.

Source 4 LED Leko Light
Illuminate your stage with the exceptional focus and versatility of the Source 4 Leko Light, perfect for highlighting key elements.

Source 4 LED PAR Light
Add depth and dimension to your stage with the Source 4 PAR Light, delivering powerful and precise lighting.

Rigging Motors &  12″ x 12″ Truss
Create a sturdy framework for your lighting setup with our versatile truss, ensuring a secure and professional method of setting your event up.

Safely suspend your lighting, projection or sound equipment with our reliable rigging solutions and staff, allowing you to design intricate room setup arrangements for a captivating atmosphere.

Get AV2GO’s Stellar Houston Lighting Equipment for Rent

At AV2GO, providing top-tier Houston lighting equipment for rent is our mission. When you work with us, your event is guaranteed to benefit from the latest technology in the world of audiovisual production. Whether you’re organizing a concert, conference, or any other special occasion, trust AV2GO to deliver excellence in every beam of light. Contact us today to illuminate your event with our premium lighting equipment!

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