Keep Your Office Moving with Webinars

by AV2GO

April 14, 2020 | 1:58 am

The days of unproductive, expensive, nonstop business travel are long gone, but maintaining effective connections between professionals remains essential. Webinars are a powerful, cost-effective tool to keep your office moving without the downtime and expense associated with travel. If you’re considering hosting a webinar, here’s some information to get you started from AV2GO, a respected audiovisual company in Houston, TX.

What Is a Webinar?

A webinar is basically a live video conference conducted via the internet by a reputable audiovisual firm. The host, or hosts, are connected to participants around the world on a sophisticated web-based platform. Hosts can project themselves speaking, share slideshows, conduct demonstrations, and even lead audience interactions such as Q&A sessions.

The value of a webinar is its ability to not only reach but truly engage large numbers of people in real time. Imagine training your entire sales force across the country on a new product using a live webinar that gives you the opportunity to present a consistent message and exchange ideas with your team. Picture a corporate conference with speakers from across your organization reaching a global audience. Or consider the value of the interactions and connections that will come as a result of conducting an interview in real time with a leading thinker in your field. That’s the power of a webinar.

What Can You Do with a Webinar?

Webinars offer a number of compelling features. When you host a webinar, you can do the following:

  • Talk to your audience. Webinar platforms use VoIP to facilitate live conversations. Or, open a live chat for answering questions.
  • Display slides. Use PowerPoint or Keynote to share information just like you would in a boardroom or classroom.
  • Stream video. Play livestreams or stored files; what you play for your audience is up to you.
  • Take polls and surveys. Get audience feedback, give quizzes on material, or simply gauge your audience’s opinions. With webinars, you can connect with your listeners in a variety of ways.
  • Keep a record. Best of all, you can record the entire webinar for future use. Presentations, video, slides, and all interactions can be saved for others to view later or for your own personal reference.

Working with a respected audiovisual company opens up a wealth of exciting possibilities.

Keep Your Company Moving

Virtual meetings and conferences provide the ability to interact and communicate in exciting ways. They help your key players stay in touch with one another and stay where they need to be to perform effectively. Webinars facilitated by AV2GO, a leader in audiovisual solutions in Houston, TX, are easy. We have the expertise and equipment to bring to life whatever you can imagine. Strategize, communicate, teach, and lead in big, bold ways with the help of professionally produced and facilitated webinars. AV2GO brings our experience to your door; our team comes to your door with lighting equipment, audio equipment, projection equipment—everything you need to create a polished, professional webinar that will keep your business moving. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet any of your audiovisual needs.

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