Preventive Maintenance Guide for Your AV Equipment

by AV2GO

October 23, 2019 | 4:07 am

Audiovisual EquipmentPeople have high expectations today when it comes to media. Dedicated home media rooms are a popular feature in our living spaces. We control our appliances, lighting, security, and personalized entertainment options with our voices. When we attend an event, we expect the latest technology. Houston and the surrounding area hosts major events from national sports competitions to art, social, and cultural presentations to international conferences and fundraisers. Organizations that plan these events understand the importance of high-quality audiovisual equipment in Houston, Texas. Understanding how to care for AV equipment ensures your presentations go off without a hitch. 


When you begin a presentation, specific things should happen. First, there should be a clear visual. Whether it is a virtual reality presentation or a 3D show, attendees expect to see a clear, vibrant image on the screen. Audio is just as important. Full sound systems ensure the people at the back of the room can hear the same sound quality as those on the front row. Strategic and creative lighting adds to the event’s ambiance and allows you to target or highlight specific areas or speakers as needed. Preventative maintenance ensures that each part of your audiovisual equipment’s components is ready to go.

Create a Maintenance Checklist

Because there are so many different elements that work in unison to create an AV presentation, it’s easy to overlook a specific component. From software updates to replacing a defective cable, each part ensures the equipment performs as it should. Keeping equipment clean and up-to-date is crucial. Companies that offer audiovisual equipment rentals in Houston check a variety of elements to ensure every component is functioning as it should before renting to an organization or presenter. These are some of the areas they check:

  • Audio: Check all listening and recording devices. They should be in good repair and working properly from all sources. Test equipment regularly, especially after a large event where the equipment was moved from one location to another. Ensure there is no damage to audio cables.
  • Video: Test all projectors, recording devices, video inputs, racks, cameras, and monitors before and after each use. Inspect video cables for damage. Test codecs as well.
  • Controllers: Inspect all controllers and user buttons on touch panels before and after the events. Make sure wireless connections are performing properly.
  • Create backups: Be sure you have a backup of all control system programming.
  • Maintain an ongoing list of maintenance dates, tasks, and any preventative updates.

Keep a Repair List

Audiovisual Equipment at EventSometimes the AV equipment encounters a problem during an event, but it isn’t something that interferes with the overall presentation. Document any on-site issues that the AV technician needs to address after the event. Professional audiovisual experts in Houston also suggest maintaining a record of any problems, repairs, hardware updates, or component replacements. Note the date of the repair, any issues that led to the repair, and any pertinent model numbers. This provides documentation of recurring errors that could meet warranty stipulations. It also provides a visual record for those who must decide whether replacement costs are more cost-effective than repetitive, ongoing repairs.

Save Time and Energy

Maintaining and transporting AV equipment can be challenging. Instead, some companies choose professional audiovisual equipment rental in Houston. This can be a much more cost-effective solution for non-profits, small companies, government entities, and associations. For more information on maintenance and renting audio visual equipment in Houston, TX, please call us or fill out the handy online form with contact information and your AV needs. One of our experienced agents will contact you with the perfect solution.

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