Common AV Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Chad DeLisle

May 5, 2019 | 12:00 am

The right audio-visual set up can make all the difference for your next event. Still, many event organizers wait until the last minute to handle all of their AV needs, which can lead to a lot of mistakes on the big day. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common mistakes people make during AV installation and how you can avoid them.

Plugging in audio hookupNot Hiring the Right AV Company

When it comes to AV installation, a lot of common mistakes can be avoided simply by working with the right company who handles audio visual equipment rentals in Houston, TX. The AV company should be one of the first vendors you hire when you begin to plan your event. They can help you find the best venue for your needs, advise you on your audio-visual needs, and, most importantly, help you avoid costly mistakes.

Failing to Plan for the Rigging Points

If you plan to hang any equipment from the ceiling, you will need to plan out the rigging. Many event organizers fail to consider their rigging needs, which is a huge mistake. Start by talking to the AV company to determine what needs to be hung up and how many rigging points are necessary for each item.

Then, figure out where the rigging points are located at the venue and ensure there are enough of them. Plan out where each item will be hung up so you can avoid any added costs. You should also check with the venue to see if rigging points are included in the estimate.

Not Considering your Audio Input Needs

Sound mixing boards only have a limited number of inputs. If anyone at your event needs an extra microphone, they may be out of luck. Prior to the event, count every single audio input that you need, plus a few extras for added security. After counting the number of inputs you need, ensure the sound mixer board is compatible or talk to the AV rental company about getting an additional soundboard.

Not Considering your Visual Input Needs

Just like the audio inputs, make sure you count all of the visual inputs that the event will need. If you need more inputs than you have, talk to the provider who is handling your audio-visual equipment rental in Houston, TX, about getting a few multiple video switchers. You may also want to have a few extras on hand, too.

Input jacks on back of AV equipmentAssuming the Set-up and Tear-Down Will Be Quick

Installing and taking down AV equipment takes time. Safety and accuracy are incredibly important when it comes to the set-up and take-down process, causing them to take more time than most people think. In the schedule, make sure to account for travel, parking, unloading, organizing, and installing for every vendor. Sometimes, you may need more than a day to set-up and tear-down the event, so be sure to ask the AV company how long they will need for installation.

Failing to Communicate Changes

Last minute alterations are all too common when planning an event. However, if you forget to tell your AV team about it, you could end up paying for it. No matter if it’s a change in the schedule, location, or something else, you could be seeing surprise costs for equipment, labor, and more. This mistake is easy to avoid; as soon as you are notified of a change, let the AV company know and request an updated estimate.

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