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AV Equipment Rentals for Hosting Super Bowl Events

Written by Chad DeLisle
March 23rd, 2016

Every year, many companies get prepared to host large parties to view the Super Bowl. Even people who don’t follow football love to get together on this Sunday to watch the funny commercials and enjoy some good food. Planning a big event of this nature takes a lot of work, but can be made easier with Super Bowl 2017 audio visual equipment rentals. The following are just a few ideas that can make for the perfect football viewing extravaganza.

Big Screens for a Big Event

Among the best reasons to utilize Super Bowl 2016 audio visual equipment rental are the large screens that are available. Create a variety of viewing experiences centered on the socializing and the big game. Use one enormous video wall to show the main event and then sprinkle large flat screen HDTVs throughout the room to supplement the video wall. These can also be connected to an XBox or a Wii for guests to compete in their own virtual games.  After big winners lift the Lombardi Trophy, use the screens to continue the fun by showcasing karaoke on the big screens. Renting screens and projectors will make it possible to feel like the group is watching the biggest game of the year in a movie theater.

Excellent Sound

A sound system for this event will have to be pretty powerful and well distributed for a good balance. With AV2GO equipment, your guests will feel as if they’re in the center of the action. When the game is over, use the sound system to keep the party going well in the evening. This is great for a DJ or karaoke, as well. Add colored lights and project your company’s logo on the wall to create an atmosphere guests will never forget.

Easier to Set Up

Many people love the idea of technology, but get pretty lost when trying to implement their plans. For those who struggle to make equipment work well for them, a qualified rental company is a good idea. The items needed will be brought right to the door and set up in a few minutes. This removes the stress of getting the right set up in place to accommodate a room full of guests.

 Quality Time

When the screens, HDTVs, transmission setup and speakers require a lot of attention, it makes it easier for the host to focus on other important aspects of the event. Giving the important AV tasks to the professionals will free up a lot of time and energy to be spent on other important areas. Network, turn prospects into clients and most importantly, enjoy the festivities.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

With the way technology is constantly advancing and improving, it makes more sense to rent the items needed for big events. This will ensure the ability to use top-of-the-line equipment every time instead of being stuck with expensive and antiquated pieces.

When you’re hosting a party or corporate event with the goal of making a big impression, renting the best AV equipment can make all the difference.

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